2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Steve

    This site like so many others certainly creates a lot of controversy in all the comments. It is a good example of how the lack of civil and rational discussion is dividing our country. Most of these comments seem to come from intelligent people but most do not facilitate or foster anyone changing their preconceived notions which attach through one’s learning history. Of course lively debate is very necessary in a free society but the lack of civil and rational discussion tends to just condemn the writers and their faithful followers to become more entrenched into their own Ego protected version of reality.

    I myself as an observer, wonder if these writers will ever realize that perhaps they have much more in common than they have in radical differences. Don’t we all want to care for and protect our loved ones? Don’t we all want enough freedom to pursue happiness? And shouldn’t we all recognize that in most cases we give up our ability to love one another and change another’s strongest held beliefs by insulting and condemning those that hold alternative beliefs. We give ourselves over to our autonomic nervous systems when we adopt confrontational positions which trigger our “fight or flight” basic survival instincts. That is not to say that we are not well served by these in life threatening situations but to live life constantly in this mode doesn’t leave much room for rational and spiritual faculties to have much say. Too many well intentioned people don’t understand that our “sacred beliefs” are just that “beliefs” rather than absolute knowledge or truth.

    I see how divided our nation is in a dichotomous fight to have it completely our way? I believe that when one side condemns the other of not caring at all about the welfare of their neighbors and wanting to push Grandma of the Cliff, etc., etc., is just as ridiculous and dividing as the other side casting all that our pro-choice as wanton “baby killers”, etc., etc. We have such horrible examples of the partisan politicking by those who would lead our nation, that without rational and civil examples set by those who have been entrusted to raise our children (parents) up to be responsible, rational, civil, and clear thinking voters and leaders of tomorrow we end up with unnecessary personal fights and group supported wars with our heinously portrayed enemies.

    Now believe me, I know there is a time for standing up and fighting for principles and a time for peaceful co-existence with others who believe they have a better way. If our forefathers had not the courage to revolt against an oppressive governing system America with all its success and freedoms would never have come to be or survive as we have. And I fear the drift away from our founding principles but I fear even more the radicalization of both sides of the argument. We all need to be open to honestly examining our so called enemies’ beliefs before we can intelligently suggest counter point.

    This is a time of great turmoil and radicalization, but I like to believe that the best ideas will win out in a system that allows free and open discussion. Even our leaders who never reveal their true intentions until they have won power will be found out through the free exchange of ideas by those who have been taught by example to question everything including their own self-righteous beliefs. Our greatest enemy is fanaticism which has always been the greatest enemy of freedom. Fanaticism leaves no room for rational thought and civil discourse.
    Any organized system, whether it be man-made religion or government is deleterious when it tries to cut off free thinking and free choice. When someone allows any authority to circumvent their personal ability to commune freely with their higher power, whether it be God or the replacement of God with human leaders they are giving up the most important responsibility of freedom loving individuals. When everyone is free to express their own thoughts without immediate self-righteous reprisal, and encouraged to claim and protect that most basic right, the best will win out. It is only through the condemnation and rejection of free thought and new ideas that Tyrants can succeed.

    1. This Article is genuine! the amnuot of emotions in it, and how u have narrated the goodbye day are amazing.. It is simply a translation of what i felt when i left my family back in Saudi to study in US.. The fear of being away, the fear of the unknown, the fear of what might happen when ur there, the fear of disappointing the ones u love, and the fear of change were simply described in words!Thank u!Rania

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