Things Sanders and Stein Supporters Must Consider Before Voting

“American presidential elections are not set up to favor third parties. The first-past-the-post voting methods, in which the winner of the state gets all its electoral votes, make it hard for third parties to get a foothold. (In political science, this is a concept known as Duverger’s Law.)”- New York Times

In the current election, you must consider three things:

1. Hillary Clinton (regardless of how she obtained it) is now the Democratic nominee;

2. Current polls show Stein will garner very few votes (2%); and

3. A write in for Sanders is no match for Trump’s redneck base.

Just look at the polls:


Clinton              43%

Trump               39%

Johnson             9%

Stein                   2%

I was a die-hard Sanders supporter because of his progressive domestic views/policies but It is only logical for  beleaguered Sanders and Stein supporters  to think long and hard before voting.   It is a sad truth, but  according to the polls, a write in vote for Sanders or  a vote for Stein (or simply not voting at all) is essentially a vote for Trump, but  if you’re happy with a Trump presidency, march on my disillusioned friends.




bigbang1Here’s to another day on this magnificent orb. The orchestral processes of maintaining orbit are  as complex as the twisted ‘ladder like’ conglomeration of  molecules representing the literal fiber of our being.  Whirling around at over  1,000 miles per hour as the Earth makes its yearly trip around the Sun, while in the past 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.09 seconds the Earth made a complete turn on its axis.  Hello moon.  Hello Sun.

The more  I  delve into the details of scientific theory, the more I am enamored with the world around me.  Understanding  complex biological processes and the puzzling aspects of time and space are key to understanding the meaning of life.

Whether one argues the universe came to be via an omniscient celestial being or  rather by a  complex nuclear reaction, one must conclude after serious contemplation that the science behind it all is utterly breathtaking.

Take it all in.

Life is short.


We Are Stardust, Literally

Powell River Today

We Are Stardust, Literally

The average human has approximately 100 trillion cells and each cell is made of approximately 100 trillion atoms, each of which were originally created in the center of a star. The atoms that are in your hands have been created in a different star than the atoms in your feet, so by definition, we are galactic beings because the very structures that make up our bodies come from all over the galaxy.

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The_Faces_of_Capitalism_by_Pit_KuruAlso known as  Black Friday- a day of corporate greed fed by hedonistic consumerism where (after battling countless others) the victor purchases certain items with a reasonable markup;  also known as the day after Thanksgiving- a day where we nationally celebrate the mass murder and genocide of the native Americans.





False Independence

Have you ever been on the verge of an intellectual epiphany, only to be interrupted by the philosophical revelation that we are all just One. Big. Fucking. Experiment?

Look around.  Take a long, hard look, and tell me that you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.
Perhaps next time to avoid the paranoid looks from the less cerebral members, I should qualify the revelation as one occurring  in a the deeply philosophical, slightly stoned way.  Indeed.

We are all puppets. Marionettes held hostage by the master manipulators, the grand puppeteers.

We are all neighbors in a HUGE, Petri dish.

A colony of fools in a BERNAYS-IAN case study of the Freudian marketing gods-Nothing but a fucking sadistic focus group.

Think about it.

They are the Experimenters. We are the subjects.

They tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to think-

What to buy, what to sell, what to use, and what to drink-

They tell us we’re too fat, too short, too skinny, too flat-chested-

Too bald, too gray, too old, too limp–too unmolested –

They poison the air, the water, the food-

They poison our minds and alter our moods.

They genetically modify, inject, and manipulate

The salaciously sadistic business of manufacturing fate.

No one is immune, few things remain pure.

They keep all of us sick… just to sell us a cure-

They own the satellites, the towers, the drones-

They target the schools, churches, businesses, and homes.

They encourage us to observe others who ‘star’ in reality shows, playing a role, playing themselves, playing themselves, playing the roles; while programming us to share the most intimate details of our lives with perfect strangers in our own, personal, seemingly secure- sometimes obscure, virtual reality game.

 And, there they are…

 Waiting, watching-

 Listening and learning-

 Target. Observe. Report.

 Record. Revise. Replay.

 Hypnotize us, mesmerize us.  Exploit us.

  Be Aware.

Get out of the cloud, and into your life – Annie