“Sheath the Sacrificial Knives”

How does one live under the microscope, in a society driven by selfishness and hate, yet still manage to speak out against insensitivity to the human condition.   Can a society enslaved to hate & fear be reached by words alone?  Persuaded perhaps, to “sheath the sacrificial knifes” and lift the societal curse.  Or, is the truth wasted on the deaf ears of those who cling to false dogmas (while praying at the altar of deception)?



2 thoughts on ““Sheath the Sacrificial Knives”

  1. hmm..your pointed questions and subsequent metaphors seem to suggest a rhetorical question, but i’ll respond any ways…

    if the question is whether words can have affect on the masses, i would suppose it depends on the platform from which the message is transmitted. it must have significant reach, in practical terms, in order to have a widespread effect on a population. without that, any spread of ideas would be so slow as to affect little change on current events.

    if the question is whether that message can ever stick to the masses, the question really becomes matter of palatablity for the masses… can the great majority of faithful citizens ever come to grips with the true reality they face, without inevitable panic and dissociation? that, i believe, may be the linch-pin holding this enigma together. the trouble with the ugliness of reality is that the unknowns appear to the uninformed to be fearful holes of pure darkness in their own personal worldviews, and that the acknowledgment of the truth would constititue an admission of the ignorance and impotence that these holes imply.

    so the problem becomes one of perception, which is really just a way of saying it’s a matter of packaging the truth in a publically acceptable way. p.r…. psychology… call it whatever you want, i suppose….

    the point i am trying to make ( in my roundabout way ) is that, content of said words aside, the issue boils down to effectiveness and efficiency so perhaps humanity is not yet lost, just waiting for the truth to hit them in the head, metaphorically speaking…


    1. Jon: Thank you for your response. I agree, that “packaging the truth in a publically acceptable way”, “proper platform, efficiency, and effectiveness” are core to communicating the truth. However, I am reminded of a Grad School professor, who lectured me on “Belief Perseverance.” And, how sometimes, no matter how neatly the truth is packaged and delivered, there are those that (for whatever reason) will never change their opinions even when they are confronted with the absolute facts (truth). I suppose that for said people, the effort to enlighten is wasted. Yet, I am holding on to the last shred of idealism that remains in me. And, I think we can agree that at least some of humanity is not lost-and, society is counting on us. Annie

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