Kinky Dems, Elitists, and Big Money Politics

KinkyBeing FUNNY does NOT disqualify someone from running for State Office.   Some folks in the Democratic party say Kinky doesn’t deserve your vote because he’s funny. (Wait…what?).

Kinky Friedman is running for Texas AG Commissioner.  He has drawn two opponents in the   Democratic Primary; Jim Hogan and Hugh Ftizsimons.  Hogan is a dairy man/cattle rancher from Cleburne, Texas.   Hogan has done little to openly campaign and is not considered a viable player.  Fitzsimons is a Professor/Bison Rancher/Honey producer.  According to some circles, Fitzsimons has been endorsed by God, and has 4 times as much campaign money as Kinky Friedman.  So, I see it as the classic David v. Goliath saga:  Big Money Establishment vs. the Kinkster.

Fitzsimons posted this about Kinky:

If you are voting in the Democratic Party primary, you may be tempted to vote for Kinky Friedman for agriculture commissioner. He’s a clever self-promoter running on marijuana legalization, and his name is next to a position that you probably don’t know much about. It makes for a good chuckle in the voting booth, while he laughs all the way to the bank and this year’s election becomes just another one of his jokes.


So, having a sense of humor limits your effectiveness, eh? I know many funny, successful people.

What about Al Franken, funny man turned Senator;

What about Governor Ann Richards?

Being funny never hurt Molly Ivin’s credibility;

(DISCLAIMER: Shit’s about to get real)

I support Kinky Friedman and I don’t give a DAMN who knows it.


Kinky’s  political views do not fit neatly in a box bearing the label of a particular party.  He is not a manufactured Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent for that matter.  Yet the restrictive nature of our two party system forces candidates to align with the party that most resembles their own political views, and everybody knows Kinky leans to the left.  


I don’t apologize to people who try to intimidate. I don’t apologize to people with an agenda. I never apologize for the truth….Texas is my country,truth is my religion – and fuck ’em, fuck ’em if they can’t take a Joke- Kinky Friedman

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.    -Annie