Things Sanders and Stein Supporters Must Consider Before Voting

“American presidential elections are not set up to favor third parties. The first-past-the-post voting methods, in which the winner of the state gets all its electoral votes, make it hard for third parties to get a foothold. (In political science, this is a concept known as Duverger’s Law.)”- New York Times

In the current election, you must consider three things:

1. Hillary Clinton (regardless of how she obtained it) is now the Democratic nominee;

2. Current polls show Stein will garner very few votes (2%); and

3. A write in for Sanders is no match for Trump’s redneck base.

Just look at the polls:


Clinton              43%

Trump               39%

Johnson             9%

Stein                   2%

I was a die-hard Sanders supporter because of his progressive domestic views/policies but It is only logical for  beleaguered Sanders and Stein supporters  to think long and hard before voting.   It is a sad truth, but  according to the polls, a write in vote for Sanders or  a vote for Stein (or simply not voting at all) is essentially a vote for Trump, but  if you’re happy with a Trump presidency, march on my disillusioned friends.