US War Profiteering: Coup de grâce to the sanctimonious ‘American Dream’ hyperbole.

Nothing captures the essence of ‘war as business’ better than the satirical brilliance of War Inc. (2008). Corporate sponsorship of war (depicted in the film) may seem far-fetched, but the industrial military complex of our current reality is proof that this far fetched notion is disturbingly accurate. Perhaps, serving up the truth with a side order of satire helps to make the unspeakable reality of wars for profit (in spite of human devastation) easier to stomach. But, off screen, the harsh reality doesn’t end when the credits roll.

Funding contrived, perpetual wars in the name of greed… is the new American way. Our leaders (past and present) sell the notion of war by exploiting the villain, victim, hero frames deeply embedded in the psyche. The ever looming threat of terrorism (fueled by metaphors of fear) provide the necessary level of political brainwashing to gain supporters. Soon, the war mongering puppet masters execute murder-for-profit contracts, written in blood.

Support war or suffer the consequences-opposition will be labeled treasonous, unpatriotic, or un-American. But, anti-war activists are immune the tactical framing and political brainwashing of the war mongers.

They see contrived war for the scam it really is…war profiteering fraught with waste, fraud, and abuse.

Governments offer up the human sacrifices to fuel the war profiteering machine. Stop the machine. Know the truth.

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” — Howard Zinn

Interesting reads/Sites:


Commission on Wartime Contracting Report








http://www.warprofiteering.net /






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