WE GET IT; YOU DON’T LIKE ANYONE (whose skin is darker than Edgar Winter’s).

WE GET IT; YOU DON’T LIKE ANYONE (whose skin is darker than Edgar Winter’s).

J.D. Rourke on the site Could Everyone STOP PISSING ME OFF, wrote the following open letter to Jan Brewer:

Dear Governor Brewer,

Look, we get it.  You really don’t like brown people.  Or black people.  Or anyone whose skin is darker than Edgar Winter’s.

That’s fine.  Obviously, you’re into that “pure white” look made famous by those creepy kids in Village of the Damned.  But what’s with your deep-seeded loathing for the Office of the President?  Sure, the current President happens to be African-American, but regardless of his color, the man still represents these United States.  For you to trash-talk the President in your memoir and then to also point your bony finger at him for all the world to see, well, it shows a consistent disrespect for both the President and all that he represents (namely, our country).

Are you that hateful of anyone who doesn’t require a sunscreen with a SPF of 600 or higher?  Is your bigotry so entrenched that it eclipses your love of the good ol U.S. of A?  Have you simply received too much sun and eaten too many tacos by living in the desert?  We understand that “crazy” runs in your family, but perhaps it’s finally time for you to publicly admit that you cannot stomach being around anyone who doesn’t look like you; in which case staying on as governor of a border state may not be the brightest idea.  And clearly, Gov. Brewer, you’re a big, big fan of all things bright (and not dark).

So why not step out of the political light and simply let someone who is just a wee-bit less racist run Arizona for a while?  Then you can finally kick-back, relax and avoid anyone you don’t like to be around altogether (like that fossil, McCain).  Put your feet up, Jan, enjoy a White Russian, and leave the politicking to those who might be a bit more tolerant of all types of people – say, someone like Pat Buchanan, or David Duke.

With purest intentions,


The Melting Pot

Ref: (http://jdrourke.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/dear-governor-jan-brewer/  )

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