Romney Trails in His Home State – No Matter Which One He Chooses


Mitt Romney was born and raised in Michigan, which technically makes it his “home state”. He was Governor of Massachusetts and he and his wife still maintain a condo there. The Romneys also have a “compound” in New Hampshire, and a beach house in California.

It would be reasonable to think that at least one of the four states he has a connection to would be behind him as a candidate – think again.

Currently, President Obama is ahead of Romney in the polls in all four states where the Romneys have ties. According to Real Clear Politics

   Obama’s leads are:

  •   Michigan: +8.5
  •   Massachusetts: +21
  •   California: +23.5
  •   New Hampshire: +6.4

Trailing in Michigan is understandable, after all Romney has bungled and re-bungled the issue of the bailout for the major automakers – they should go bankrupt, the bailout was my idea, etc., etc. Then there was the idiot move where, as the New York Times reported,  he told several thousand Wisconsin voters:

 “…one of the most humorous” connections he had to the state came when his father, George Romney, closed an auto plant in Michigan and moved it to Wisconsin. When the elder Mr. Romney later ran for governor of Michigan, the son recalled, the plant closure became a rather sensitive subject, especially when a school band played   the Wisconsin fight song at a parade…”

Hardly an amusing anecdote.

READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE:  Romney Trails in His Home State – No Matter Which One He Chooses.


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